Mostabear Puppy Application

Please answer the following questions honestly as this will enable us to better understand you and/or your family, which will assist us in selecting the most suitable puppy/dog for you.

After you submit your Application, we will contact you to discuss the content.  If it is NOT accepted, you will be notified immediately.  It is IMPORTANT that you provide as many details as possible and be as honest as possible, as there are no right or wrong answers. If you simply write what you think we want to hear, that could result in a mismatch.

Mostabear Puppy Application

Separate by commas.
It is imperative that all the members of your family feel the same about bringing a new puppy/dog into your household.
There is the initial purchase, shipping the puppy/dog home to you, medical care (vaccinations, emergency medical care and spay or neutering), training, entry fees for shows/trials, premium quality food (raw, kibble, or natural) and any equipment (crate, leads, collars, bowls etc.)....????
In the event of a divorce, death of owner, meeting a future spouse or adding a child, what plans do you have for the future of the dog?
Puppies are very energetic and cannot be left alone for 9 hours.
As part of regular maintenance, these dogs require an occasional bath and frequent thorough brushing as well as additional grooming (ears, dental care, trimming, and nail cutting) etc......
Early socialization is critical to the development of a well balanced adult dog. Socialization includes participating in puppy/dog obedience classes, exposing your puppy/dog to many different and new circumstances, taking your dog to crowded area outside of your home and having strangers pet/touch the puppy/dog.
Very Active

By pressing the SUBMIT button you agree to the following:

  1. I/We understand that our puppy/dog will be spayed/neutered between 12-18 months of age, unless other specific arrangements are made with the Breeder in advance. (PROOF OF SAME MUST BE FORWARDED TO THE BREEDER).
  2. I/We will be taking this puppy through puppy classes to ensure socialization.
  3. A deposit of $300.00 made payable to “Mostabear” is required within 10 days of the Applications submission, and if /when accepted this deposit then becomes Non-Refundable.  Failure to make the deposit will necessitate you being removed from the waiting list until the deposit is received.

All current mailing and contact information is located on the “CONTACT US” page.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Application and we look forward to many years of a wonderful and fulfilling relationship with you and/or your family and your new “Mostabear” companion.  And so your journey begins…….